It’s a matter of principle! Dakota doesn’t want to wear a brа

It’s a matter of principle! Dakota doesn’t want to wear a brа

Dakota Johnson prefers to dress in ways that are as liberating as the roles she plays in movies. Since she gained notoriety for playing the lead in the sensual film series 50 Shades of Grey, the actress has through a changing fashion experience.

She still wears classic styles, but over time her wardrobe items grew to become more provocative ensembles.
Given that her mother, Melanie Griffith, is a Hollywood celebrity, the High Note star grew up surrounded by them. So it makes perfect sense that

Dakota developed a distinctive sense of style from an early age after seeing her mother get dressed for numerous red carpet occasions. If she weren’t coming along as her plus-one, that is.

Dakota’s stylist, Kate Young, revealed to Vogue in November 2021 that the Cha Cha Real Smooth actress draws her inspiration from “classic, minimal, elegant, with just a little bit of fashion for day.” The disco ball is Dakota’s dream job.

The Texas native looked incredibly lovely in a Gucci cropped silver chained top that displayed her décolletage at the 2021 LACMA: Art + Film Gala, channeling the ultimate disco ball aesthetic. Dakota accessorized simply, going for a smokey eye and red lip while wearing a floor-length, flowy satin skirt in nude-peach.

The Maude co-creative director disclosed that mood boards assist her in carrying out her style during a March 2021 episode of her stylist’s Hello Fashion YouTube series.

She said, “I love mood boards. “I utilize them for food, emotional support, and clothing. Mood boards resemble playlists for tangible objects.

By contrasting her day and night attire, the How to Be Single actress further developed her disco ball fashion vision. I’m a disco ball for sure, she declared. “During the day, I’m simply a regular ball, and at night, I’m a disco ball.”

At the Venice Film Festival in 2021, when she walked on the red carpet in a Gucci chainmail dress, she had one of her most recognizable brаless looks.

She stated to Elle UK in January 2022, “That outfit weights roughly 27 pounds.” It was so heavy, that wearing it was exhausting. I was completely naked underneath, too, yet,

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It’s a matter of principle! Dakota doesn’t want to wear a brа
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