15+ stars that only look better with every year

It is generally accepted that the peak of a woman’s beauty is in her younger years.  But sometimes that rule doesn’t work. It’s hard to find someone who only looks better over the years, but thankfully, it’s possible! And it’s not just the big money or plastic surgery, but the fact that it can take years to find our own unique style. Even Hollywood stars take time to find their style, appearing time after time on red carpets in outfits with controversial necklines, excessive makeup, strange hairstyles, and strained smiles. But working on themselves with the help of beauticians and stylists does its job, and it often happens that celebrities look younger and more fashionable at 30 or 40 than they did in their 20s.

These famous women, like a good wine, only get better with age.

Rebel Wilson

Julia Roberts


Céline Dion

Ariana Grande

Julianne Moore

Jennifer Garner

Halle Berry

Hilary Duff

Charlize Theron

Anne Hathaway

Viola Davis

Jennifer Aniston

Michelle Pfeiffer

Reese Witherspoon

Tilda Swinton

Kate Winslet

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15+ stars that only look better with every year
Marilyn Manson has aged to the appearance of a grandma with glasses.